Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Tatic

It has been forever since I posted. Sorry!
For those of you without kids, you may want to stop reading this post's gonna be about poop!

Ok don't say I didn't warn you......Poop.
Alex is still refusing to poop in the potty chair or toilet, only in his underwear. I feel like we have tried everything....rewards, watching how we go, charts, stickers, bribery, punishment, videos, incentives, talking, yelling, ignoring, trying to force him, pleading, begging...and nothing has worked.

I have been reading post from other parents and I am going to try another tactic...
I talked to him last is how the conversation went:

Me: Alex I am really getting tired of cleaning poop out of your underwear everyday. It's gross.

Alex: blank stare

Me: How about this...when you feel like you need to poop, instead of going in your underwear, how about you ask for a pull-up and you can poop in that instead.

Alex: Okay Mommy.

Me: does that sound good?

Alex: yeah

Like so many other conversations, I figured that this went in one ear and out the other. BUT to my surprise he ran to me this morning and said "Mommy I need to poop can you put a pull-up on me?"
 I was in shock! He actually listened!

So here is my master plan for the next month or so....
Step 1: get him to stop pooping in his underwear, instead in a pull-up
Step 2: have him sit on the potty chair while wearing the pull-up and poop
Step 3: have him sit on the potty chair while wearing the pull-up and undo the tabs while he is sitting
Step 4: line the potty chair with the pull-up and have him sit down on it and poop into it
Step 5: Remove the pull up and have him just sit on the potty chair! Ta Da!

So hypothetically that's how it will go. Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Good luck Jenni! If all else fails, find a way to get another kid-free vacation out of the deal. :)