Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Tatic

It has been forever since I posted. Sorry!
For those of you without kids, you may want to stop reading this post's gonna be about poop!

Ok don't say I didn't warn you......Poop.
Alex is still refusing to poop in the potty chair or toilet, only in his underwear. I feel like we have tried everything....rewards, watching how we go, charts, stickers, bribery, punishment, videos, incentives, talking, yelling, ignoring, trying to force him, pleading, begging...and nothing has worked.

I have been reading post from other parents and I am going to try another tactic...
I talked to him last is how the conversation went:

Me: Alex I am really getting tired of cleaning poop out of your underwear everyday. It's gross.

Alex: blank stare

Me: How about this...when you feel like you need to poop, instead of going in your underwear, how about you ask for a pull-up and you can poop in that instead.

Alex: Okay Mommy.

Me: does that sound good?

Alex: yeah

Like so many other conversations, I figured that this went in one ear and out the other. BUT to my surprise he ran to me this morning and said "Mommy I need to poop can you put a pull-up on me?"
 I was in shock! He actually listened!

So here is my master plan for the next month or so....
Step 1: get him to stop pooping in his underwear, instead in a pull-up
Step 2: have him sit on the potty chair while wearing the pull-up and poop
Step 3: have him sit on the potty chair while wearing the pull-up and undo the tabs while he is sitting
Step 4: line the potty chair with the pull-up and have him sit down on it and poop into it
Step 5: Remove the pull up and have him just sit on the potty chair! Ta Da!

So hypothetically that's how it will go. Fingers crossed!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creative juices are flowing

Aaaannnnnnnnd I'm back. Had a great trip with my hubby to Miami and Key West. It was great to have a break from real life.
I am back in my craft room again :) Getting things ready to take to Meshed Designs (a store in Buffalo, see previous post) and posting things on my etsy site.
I really need it to warm up outside becasuse I have a bunch of things that need to be spray-painted and I am guessing that the paint won't work when it's only 15 degrees out!
I have been doing a bit of sewing tonight. I made a rainbow zipper bag, a pirate b-day banner, finished a jewelry frame and a chalkboard. whew!
Wow this post is kinda random, but that's how my brain works. As Ben says "Your curls go straight to your brain" Yep they do.
Back to crafting...see ya!