Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wet, dirty and hairy...

Our bathtub has taken a beating this evening....
First Alex pooped in his pants (obviously) and needed to be cleaned up in a bath. So I put him in the tub. Before I filled it with water I broke out the hair clippers and much to his dismay I gave him a quick haircut. Then I cleaned the hair out and filled the tub with water and gave him a quick bath.  I cleaned the tub of the hair and whatever.
Fast forward 20 minutes...Bailey is barking at the back door and wants to come in. Of course since it is so warm out today he had been running in mud and dirty snow. So he is wet and muddy up to his doggy armpits (or are they leg-pits?) So I run water in the (clean) tub and proceed to give Bailey a bath too. Of course as soon as he gets wet he wants to shake which splatters dirty water all over the shower/tub area.
Lovely....So now my clean tub is dirty once again. And guess what_ I left it that way for now. Sue me.

Only one more week and Ben and I are headed to Miami and the FL Keys! Whew! I need a break!
Thanks to Ben's mom & Step-Dad and  My parents for tag teaming Alex & Bailey care while we are gone!

Guess that means I should take a bath and give myself a pedicure....oh wait, the tub is still dirty...nevermind

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