Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look back and laugh

As Ben and I were discussing the frustrations of getting Alex to stop pooping in his pants, I said "Remember how frustrated we were while we were potting training him, that lasted a week. Now we can look back on that and laugh. Let's do that right now." So I made us both actually laugh out loud. It was kind of fun and it made me realize that, yes while we were in the midst of it, it sucked. But we survived and were successful! I know some day (soon?) we can look back and laugh about Alex and Poop. (((right???)))
So I came up with the idea of actually planning a day to look back and laugh. Seriously, look ahead a week, a month, a year...whatever and write "laugh about {whatever}" on your calendar. Then on that day you have to actually laugh out loud about how glad you are to be past that frustration or to have accomplished that goal.  Set aside some time in your life to LOL, and actually DO. IT. not just type it :)

1 comment:

  1. Great idea, Jenni! I like the idea of planning a day to laugh. I tend to get frustrated easily, so it's a good thing to remember.