Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The R Word

Nope it's not Railroad crossing....the other R word. Running.
It's not a bad word...actually it sounds good. Like "I am going running" or "Let's go running together" Two phrases that I never thought I would say out loud. HOWEVER I have decided to start doing a little running. Not because I aspire to do a marathon or even become a runner, but because I signed up for some races with my husband and friends and don't want to die...
My biggest motivation is the MS Mud Run or Muck Ruckus (or whatever they are calling it) in August. I am very proud to be running this race with one of my best friends Ahndrea, who has MS. I can't think of a better reason to raise money and awareness about MS than my BFF. She is awesome and amazing and it will be an honor to run with her! This one's for you :) LYLAS

                                                     Ahndrea and her husband David.

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