Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Success! (or failure??)

I am not sure which way to label what just happened...Success or failure???
Here is how it went down: I am in the garage painting some picture frames and I glance out of the door and see Alex in the backyard hiding behind a tree but he keeps looking in my direction to see if I am watching. I decided to hide so he was thinking that I wasn't looking and then peek out. So I see him with his pants down going toward the house and he says he needs some wipes. I thought maybe he just peed on himself. He comes back out of the house and runs to the garage and tells me "Mom I just pooped outside, and not in my pants!"

So do I consider this a success because he didn't poop in his pants or a pull-up? And he is getting the idea and the feeling of having his pants down and going? I have explained that only dogs go outside and he needs to use the potty chair or the toilet. But I did say that I was proud of him for doing it....

1 comment:

  1. Success! You're already cleaning up after the dog. Grab the pooper scooper and you're done! :)